Friday, June 29, 2012

Hanging Baskets that last 20 Years

Hanging Baskets that last 20 Years

In the winter months, we replace our summer hanging baskets with baskets of licorice fern (Polypodium glycerrhiza). They look great for the entire winter and aside from the odd handful of slow release fertilizer,they require almost no care during the winter months. Here in Victoria, there is usually enough rain that extra watering isn’t necessary from October thru April. In the spring, usually in April, they will go dormant and drop their leaves if they dry out, however since we usually start the irrigation system which also runs the drip lines for the hanging baskets in mid-April, they last the few weeks longer until the annuals are ready for the summer moss baskets. In May we stop watering them and store them in the shade somewhere where they go completely dormant. A good rain, or heavy watering in August, will start them into active growth again so they are full and lush to put up when the annual baskets come down in October or November.

 It occurred to me as I was working on the sprinkler system this spring that these particular hanging baskets were planted 19 years ago. This summer I will divide them and replant them and they should last another 20 years.

 Talk about a low care gardening project!!!

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